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When people consider installing an alarm system from a licensed alarm company, they understand the need for protecting their home from a burglary when they are away from home. But it is just as important, if not more important, to consider alarm systems for the safety and security of your family when you are at home. Our security systems can protect your family whether you are at home or away. Our security system can be activated while you are in your home. You can easily bypass interior motion detectors to allow free movement around the home, while still protecting doors and windows when arming the security system.

Customize the security services your business needs for protection solutions. This allows you to stay within budget while providing the necessary safety.

security system

CHBA Video Camera Surveillance systems & CCTV equipment are a strong deterrent to internal and external company theft & fraud. From digital recorders, networked video solutions touch screen systems, monitors and more, CHBA gives your business full security coverage.

Surveillance Camara


Our Door or Window Sensors are small, wireless devices that detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, or just about anything else that opens and closes.

door or window sensors

Get an added sense of security whether you're at home or away, with the flexibility of the chba Wireless Door Window Sensor, which can be connected to any flat surface, such as a door, window, or even file cabinets. The Wireless Door/Window Sensor can even trigger a nearby camera (sold separately) to record data when activity is detected.


window sensor

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