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How does my security system communicate to the monitoring centre?

There are a number of monitoring options available :

Dialler Monitoring communicates with the Monitoring Centre via the normal telephone line alerting our operators of alarm events for action.  The panel sends test reports at regular intervals and open/close signals which allow our operators to check the communication status of the security system with our Monitoring Centre.  (Suitable for low to medium risk.)

CHBA Monitoring can communicate alarm events to the Monitoring Centre via existing telephone lines.  CHBA can be carried by the primary line, however, it is preferable to have a dedicated line for this service to avoid interruption from other services, such as the internet, which may be connected to the primary line.  CHBA Monitoring has the valuable benefit of being able to alert the Monitoring Centre to any line fault, cut line, interrupted line or compromised alarm panel immediately it occurs so that appropriate action can be taken by the Monitoring Centre operators.  (Suitable for medium to high risk.)

Internet monitoring is a triple path form of communication.  The system will communicate over the internet (Ethernet) backed up by GPRS.  If these communications are lost the system will then report on PSTN (standard telephone line).  When either of these lines are lost the Monitoring Centre will be alerted.  Unlike CHBA Monitoring, once communication has been lost this system has the contingency of communication backup with GPRS and PSTN ensuring that your system continues to communicate with the Monitoring Centre.


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